Kenya photo safari tour - Dean Bricknell

what to pack and take on your photography safari trip    

You will need 2 bags,  your luggage bag which needs to be a soft piece of luggage not a hard case and the other your camera bag. your soft bag or clothing bag should hold everything you need for your trip like clothing, toiletries, 20-23 Kg,  your camera bag should hold all your lenses and camera body this goes on the aircraft has your hand luggage 12Kg camera bag size may very from air line to air line but very much the same.

Camera Body 1 or 2 its up to you but a second body on a smaller lens is always handy, lenses 70-200mm / 100-400mm / 300mm  / 400mm, 500mm and a wide lens if you have one ideal for group animal shots within the landscape, converters, bean bag empty but I use a roll matt from wildlife watching supplies, small bean bags are provided within the 4x4 landcrusers  a polarizer filter are ideal if out all day this will hold back some of the light and bring back some saturation, dust blower plenty of batteries and media cards, back up device or laptop if you wish but remember weight and I would not put a laptop in my soft bag, Other useful stuff Mosquito repellent watch out if you get any repellent with high DEET as this can damage your camera rubber or plastic body, malaria tablets, hand wipes, torch, hat, sun cream, after bite ( not many fly's around in Sept ) Low Malaria threat but best to be safe then sorry.   

Visa I will help you with your visa and give you all the info you need. best to get visa before you travel on line, link to visa application which is recommended by the Kenya high commission  and where i get mine from easy and simple. 

Malaria tablets best place is boots the chemist do not buy on line you dont know whats in them, you can get 3 priced tablets  avoid the cheapest forms of Malaria tablets as these have skin side affects in the sun and you dont need the expensive malarone , best is malarone generic from boots £40 one a day tabs, take two days before one every day on your trip and one a day for 7 days after your trip works out about £2 per tablet   

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