Owls reflection pool masterclass - Dean Bricknell

Owls reflection pool


This workshop is now fully booked for the next few weeks, due to popular demand i will re-open this workshop late spring from 5pm      

Owls reflection pool

located near Bathgate 

Date to suit 

£120 for 1-2-1 with full camera tuition and settings 

£90pp 1-2-2  with full camera tuition and settings

This workshop is for a limited time only 

On this workshop you will learn how to photograph the Owls in low light and the right way to use flash and metering to achieve night time looking images.  

You will be photographing the Owls within a dry and sheltered area outside

We will be looking at using 2 or 3 owls on this workshop, 

The Owls for this workshop are Tawny owl, Long-eared owl, Little owl, 

Ural owl, Owls are subject to condition and availability 

The workshop starts around 10.00am and 12.00 noon should last for about 2 hours 

In spring / summer times will be from 5pm till 7pm (subject to change) 

You will need Camera and lenses 70-200mm 100-400mm no more than 200mm in length

A tripod.

You will also need a flash gun if you don't have one i can supply Nikon and Canon flashes  and off camera flash cable   


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