Raptor pick & mix - Dean Bricknell

Raptor combination Workshop, pick & mix

1-2-1 £200 or 1-2-2s £180pp dates to suit £50pp non-refundable deposit at point of booking 

This workshop allows you to combine two other workshops together 5 British owls and Talons,

you can choose up to 5 different Raptors from both 5 owls and Talons per workshop, the combination is up to you.

List of Raptors

Goshawk, Kestrel, Peregrine, Golden eagle, Buzzard

List of owls

Tawny owl, long-eared owl, Little owl, Barn owl, Short-eared owl

Pick 5 Raptors  from the two list above a create your owl workshop.


We will start the day in the classroom, here we will be looking at your camera settings, we will look at  ISO, white balance, exposure, exposure compensation, depth-of-field, f.stops, focusing, and light.Location.

We will either head to our location (walking distance from the center) or we will head of in vehicles to the workshop location which is up on a moor just a short drive away weather permitting and type of bird you have picked (very little walking but bring boots and waterproofs).

We will be photographing your picked list in their natural environment, moorlands or on a hill side for the Golden eagle and post or a dry wall for Buzzard also a selection of post, perches and woodland near the center if you wish,


This is a great opportunity to photograph a selection of British raptors.

If you pick to photographing the mighty Golden eagle in all its power and grace, we will try and see if some controlled flight shots can be had but this is only a few feet from the glove, she will land on a rock or large tufted area if the wind is in our favor, you will need some Photoshop skills to remove any Jesse's,  (I don't use Photoshop sorry im no help here).

This Golden eagle will sit nicely for you on the ground or perched you can get very close to her, this will give you a close up view of the feather details and the power in them talons or you my pick the Short-eared owl which we have on the list and he is one of handful thats allowed to be used within workshops in the UK. Pick the Kestrel and we will try and see if he will sit nicely for you with his prey (mouse) or the Peregrine falcon on its prey plunking at feathers. The choice is all yours.   

All the birds are  happy for you to move around them, again getting up close is not a problem they are happy if you wish for them to be sat on the ground in the wild grasses for you to get that lowdown shot. In the wild when not in flight you will find these birds perched on a wall, post or on the ground and sometimes in small isolated tree/bush our aim is to make each shot look natural as we can (if the birds let us) please note that the welfare and safety of each bird must come first and they may be a time if the bird is in molt or a little poorly we may need to use an alternative bird.     

Camera equipment

Lenses of around 70-200 / 300mm / 100-400mm  a tripod, shutter cable if you have on for low light photos if you have a bridge camera this workshop will work for you.        


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