Badgers workshop stills photography or film / video 

      More videos for workshop and tours HERE 

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Badger photography and Film / video

    Still photography or filming Dslr or Mirrorless cameras  4K or 1080p

1-2-1 or 1-2-2 workshop, location near Jedburgh Scottish boarders 

£180 for 2 persons 

£30 deposit non-refundable

50% back if no show after 12 midnight 

This workshop is all about badger photography and filming / video 

Each camera is different in every way just like every photographer videographer the client

here will will start by sitting outside the hide in daylight with a cupper and looking at each cameras setting for the night, I will also check all your settings in general in case one or two settings will need to be turned on or off 

i will explain what each setting will do within the camera and how each setting will effect your images, 

we will cover the most important setting of the night to archive the images or video



Shutter speed






Focusing modes




Video / Filming

Same as above but also


180% rule

Frame rates

4K or HD


Creative style

Picture profile 

S-Log C-log P-log N-log



you are looking at 400mm top end max on a full frame and 200mm min 

200-300 for 2 or 3 Badgers within the frame  

100-400 zoom

70-200 on a crop sensor camera 

70-200 +1.4 / 1.6 / 1.7 full frame camera  

you will also need a tripod with a sturdy head and a small light for when we leave the hide

you can park your car yards from the hide but once in to hide that's you for the night so we will make sure you have evert think you need before its dark 

The badgers can come in at anytime 15 mins after dark to a couple of hours but before you see them they will sit in the bushes for a bit to make sure its safe because we cant see them doesn't mean they aren't there watching us, 

Once we are all set and ready to go i will be sitting behind you and watching your settings and if need to change them i will tell you, 

Please no food with in the hide at all, any new smells  or sounds can stop them from coming in talking to a minimal and you will get existed when you see the first one this is when we to stay clam and let the Badger come in when its ready to do so.      




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