All five British Owls masterclass - Dean Bricknell

                                                                          All 5 British Owls.

                                                   These Owls were featured on TV winter watch.  

location, Loch Lomond south   

Dates are open to suit each client, choose a date anytime of a month when booking 

Short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)

All 5 British owls workshop 1-2-1 @ £200 or 1-2-2 @ £180pp full day photography with full tuition,  £50pp non-refundable deposit at time of booking, dates to suit 

Little owl, long-eared owl, Barn owl, Tawny owl and Short-eared owl 

This workshop is designed for portrait camera work suited to all, novice or professionals including Camera club member's and photographers that are looking for a clean background ideal for prints and canvas printing. 

This workshop gives you the opportunity to photograph all the UKs / British Owls all in one location in one day, there's not many places that can provide this opportunity along with the Owls being in perfect condition.

This collection of Owls / workshop was put together by Dean Bricknell,  after talking to other fellow photographers i could see that there was a high demand for all 5 British Owls to be photographed in one location and the Owls to be in perfect condition.           

The set up.

The owls are perched on a selection of perches within a open woodland with vegetation in the background,  

You will have a choice of perches to chose from and the owls will be free from the handler and all attempts will be made to hide any rings or leg dressing (Jessie's).

Morning 10:00am

The day will start with tea / coffee within the classroom then tuition on camera settings, we will spend time looking at aperture priority, ISO, White balance, depth-of-field, and light,

Mid-day 12:00 noon

We now head outside to get ready to photograph our first of five UK owls, here you can chose which perch you want to use for your first owl and so on for the rest of the other owls,  you have the chance to photograph the owls, side front and rear shots,. Tuition will be given throughout the day,

Finish 16:00-16.30pm

We should be finished by 16:00pm times may vary throughout the day we may spend longer outside with the owls where you are not rushed to get that shot. 

Notes please bring your own food and drinks, we do have teas and coffee on had FREE, if you require a cold drink we do have cola/ water at a small price from the center, no need for walking boats or and heavy clothing, this workshop is held within the Bird of prey center.

Camera equipment

Lenses of around 70-200 / 300mm and a tripod, shutter cable, if you have a bridge camera this workshop will work for you.        



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