Land of the small masterclass - Dean Bricknell

                                                                  Land of the small

                                             LAND OF THE SMALL

                                           Harvest mice and Owls


£30 deposit 

2 persons  per workshop per day 



dates 11th 12th 13th places are available 

11am to  2pm 

New date for NOVEMBER which will be from 11am - 2pm if you wish to take part in November i can add you to the workshop listings and contact you once dates are confirmed,   

if you wish you can book a private workshop as a 1-2-1 at dates to suit (if available) 

private 1-2-1 £130

in winter the centre is closed to public  this allows me to take theses workshop throughout the day TBA 


This workshop at the Scottish owl centre,  will allow for more then one photographer to take part, it will be held between 3.30pm and 5.30pm

If you wish to do this workshop alone as a private 1-2-1 and dates to suit you this can be arranged price £ 130   

You will start of by photographing 2 very small owls Tengmalm's owl and a Tropical screech owl, then we will move over to the Harvest mice,   



As Britain’s smallest rodent, harvest mice love to climb plants and bushes 

The harvest mouse is the only British mammal to have a prehensile tail 

The workshops are held outside using natural lighting, and different props. 

The workshop will cover looking at right camera setting, getting your props ready and you will only need about 1 hour for the owls then rest of the is with the mice remember the welfare of the mice comes first at all times, and we may rest them 2 to 4 mice will be on hand, 

Natural props are  dependent on time of year, you are free to bring your own props if you have an image in mind.     


You can use macro lense (LONGER THE BETTER) but for a more natural looking image  70-200mm OR 100-400mm  work very well and your not too close to the mice, LED lighting will be on hand in very low lighting conditions, no flashes will be used at any point of your workshop,

props are of natural or artificial depending on time of year, 

the workshops are weather dependent, (for the owls) if you have booked your workshop and its forecast heavy rain then i will contact you one or two days before your workshop date where an alternative date will be given 

please bring  suitable  clothing jacket walking boots as this time of year the centre can get a bit wet under foot,             

Harvest mice / Owls

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