Harvest mice workshop - Dean Bricknell

                                                              Harvest mice studio workshop

                                    Harvest mice studio workshop



£30pp deposit 

2 persons  per workshop per day two hour workshop 

teas and coffee 

All year 

12am to 2pm 

dates to suit you 

please contact to arrange a date to suit you 



£30 deposit 


2 hour workshop 

teas and coffee + you can bring your own props if you wish 

All year 

Dates to suit

please contact to arrange a date that suits you

12am to  2pm 


As Britain’s smallest rodent, harvest mice love to climb plants and bushes 

The harvest mouse is the only British mammal to have a prehensile tail 


You can use macro lense (LONGER THE BETTER) but for a more natural looking image  70-200mm OR 100-400mm  work very well and your not too close to the mice, LED lighting will be on hand along with different backdrops,  flashes will be used but NOT pointed at the mice bounce flash only , please bring your own flash / A basic Canon and Nikon flash can be hired at £5 each but its best to bring your own, 

props are of natural or artificial depending on time of year, 


Harvest mice studio

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