Osprey and Raptor 2021, 3 day masterclass

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Aug 2nd 3rd and 4th  

Introduction will be held at my Guest house on 1st Aug 6pm teas coffees and cake,

This years 3 day master class workshop will cover

3 mornings hide work diving Ospreys 

1 afternoon Raptors held within a private woodland location

1 afternoon photographing Harvest mice,

This workshop is provisionally full please email deanbricknell@btinternet.com for info 

Group size 9    

Available places 2

Workshop hides are at Gordons Aviemore Ospreys hides,  and hide dates are exclusive to my workshops only,   

Ardlogie Guest house FULL

Location Aviemore Scotland.

Hides provided by Aviemore Osprey hides.  

Harvest mice afternoon will be held at Ardlogie guest house 

Raptors location 4 miles north of Aviemore woodland area private location.


Price freeze 7th year 

Price  £780pp

Deposit £150pp which is non-refundable 

 3 days early morning Osprey hides and  1 afternoons Raptors 1 afternoon Harvest mice. 

contact Dean at deanbricknell@btinternet.com or from my contact page 

1 day or  2 day  Osprey hides plus afternoon raptors will only be available  near the time if places are available on a first come bases price TBA  (NOT HARVEST MICE) 


tripods or handheld   


There will be an introduction to camera settings for those that are staying from the Thursday 16th evening it will be held at Ardlogie guest house Aviemore, this will help you before your early morning workshops please let me know if you wish to come along.

Please note Arodlogie guest house is NOW FULL 


A non-refundable £150 deposit will be required at point of booking, balance due 4 weeks before workshop date. 

Please note : The diving Osprey hides are located at a private location and not at Rothiemurchus fishery,  

I can say with confidence that this workshop has produced more dives than any other Osprey workshops in 2015 over two mornings from 6am to 8.30am 18 dives, with 2016 same times two mornings 23 dives so fingers crossed for 2017, and 2018 saw 22 dives over the 3 days,  2019 15 dives and 2020 we had 33 dives.

in the unlikely event that no dives over the 3 days at the Osprey hide, a free Osprey morning will be given, this will not be a workshop but a free place at the hide which is offered by Aviemore Ospreys hides, you can take at anytime as long its not fully booked, this is only for these taking the 3 day Osprey and Raptor workshop   

Hot teas and coffees are provided within the hides (within covid rules) 

Price does not include your accommodation but i stay at Ardlogie guest house in Aviemore

5 rooms available so book early it can be hard to find accommodation within months of your booked workshop dates.

 http://www.ardlogie.co.uk/  Aug for this accommodation 


Monthly payments can be arranged  

i can arrange your B/B where i will be staying only 5 rooms a first come basis.  

This workshop proved to be very popular i had to turn a good few photographers away,  make sure you get a place on this workshop it's best to book early, 

The new private flying area within a pine wooded area for the Raptor part of the workshop went down very well this year with all the photographers, with locked gates behind us and the birds were able to fly freely.   

A non-refundable £150  deposit will be required at point of booking, please read T/C, by paying your deposit you have agreed with the TC, workshop price does not include accommodations or B/B.  

This is one of the best hide locations in the UK for getting diving / fishing Ospreys shots, this private hide is located in the heart of Aviemore in the Scottish highlands. please note it's not a fishery or part of Rothiemurchus but a purpose built hide just for fishing Ospreys.


The hide is a purpose built hide with fishing Ospreys in mind, the hide is built into the ground so that your head and camera are at water level giving you that unique low down straight shot of the Osprey with its prey (trout). we have radios in the hide and a spotter outside telling us when an Osprey is overhead and ready to dive this gives us that extra time to get ready for the plunge.


The workshop is timed to correspond with the young Ospreys leaving the nest but this does change each year. This is the best time for you to watch and photograph the adult female teaching her young to dive for fish and some Ospreys will still be in the nest so the adults will try and persuade them to leave by catching fish but not taking it to the nest  but nearby perch in a tree, this then calls for a lot of fishing to be done and we will be waiting for them.

Ospreys fishing

Ospreys are very vocal and you at times will hear them before you see them, they will use all the pond area to fish, when they dive they come down at some speed with a great plunge and splash it's after the splash that you want to start taking your shots but easy said than done these birds are fast, you don't want to fire of your camera fill the buffer just to have a load of splashed shots where you can't see the bird, then the Osprey flies out of the splash with trout in talons' flies right by you but now you can't take a shot your card is still buffing, SO it's all about timing and if you are lucky one diving Osprey my do a false dive and hover briefly above the water then fly slowly over the pond "happy days".


There will be an introduction to camera settings for those that are staying from the first  evening with teas and coffees  it will be held at Ardlogie guest house Aviemore, this will help you before your early morning workshops please let me know if you wish to come along.

Your workshop will start on Monday early morning 04.30am.

Monday Tues and Wednesday  mornings will start early around 04:30 am at the Osprey fishing hide (this is not at Rothiemurchus) I will give you the location near the time of your workshop, here you will get the chance to photograph fishing Ospreys and flight shots with a trout within their talons as they fly by the hide, in 2020 we had over 30 dives over the 3  days and a few false dives, the false dives gives you the opportunity for flight shots over the water.

Full tuition within the hide will be given at all times, covering ISO, speed, exposures, and the right white balance.

We should be finished by 08.30 am , after you can head back to your B/Bs for breakfast then at 12.00am we will meet and get ready for the Raptor workshop and Harvest mice (locations will be given on the day) this will be held in woodlands or on a hillside.

Harvest mice workshop, this will take place within the grounds of my accommodation Ardlogie guest house, the setting and set up will be in natural lighting where chairs will be provided and at the same time teas and coffees to hand whilst waiting with camera in hand for the mice to climb any number of the props provided within there enclosure,   

on the last day it will be Osprey Hide only finishing around 9am in time for you to head back to your accommodation for breakfast and those that are checking out.


On one of the days hopefully we will be flying a Bald eagle within a private wooded area and static shots, on both days you will have the opportunity to photograph many different raptors , Golden eagle, Bald eagle, Goshawk, American Kestrel,  Peregrine falcon UK , Eagle owl, Bachelor eagle, ferruginous hawk Red kite and more and if we are lucky a Hobby, this is a list of Raptors I use on the workshop and not all will attended each day one or two may be in a breeding programme but this will only be two out of the list and new Raptors are always available each year,

What do you need

Tripods or monopod for Osprey hide and tripod / monopod for Raptors , lenses Ospreys 70-200mm with 2x TC, on a APS-C sensor camera body,  300mm + TC 1.4 or 2x, 100-400mm lens, full frame camera or cropped sensor, 400 and 500mm a 600mm lens if you want to get up close. For Raptors any lens from 70-200 upwards theses' birds are only a few feet from you and depends on how close or far away you want to be. waterproof clothing and footwear miggy net / spray - creams for head  face and hands, lots of cards and batteries and you can always take your chargers and charge them at your own accommodations the night before, drinks and food for the day.

Please note that one or two birds in the Raptor part of the workshop may change from listed birds, this will be due to the condition of the birds on the day.  Workshop will go ahead if windy or raining but if weather is too windy like 40 mph and above then more time may be given at the hide, Raptor area is fairly sheltered and easy to move around.   


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