Pine Marten Holiday 2020/21 Mar, Oct, Nov

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Pine marten Holiday workshop 4 nights stay,  2 persons only

Location, Wester Ross near Kinlochewe / Torridon

Dates 2020

2021 Mar 21st to 25th FULL

2021 Mar 7th to 11th FULL

2021 September FULL   

2021 Oct FULL  

2021 Nov FULL 





£ non photographer no camera  


£ non refundable deposit at point of booking per photographers

£ non refundable deposit at point of booking non photographers  

if you wish to book alternative dates please contact me, 

Video link HERE

1-2-1 holiday £  you can bring a partner NON photographer £300 per partner price includes accommodation full cooked breakfast and evening meals. full camera and lighting tuition, light snacks, hot drinks, and a day out looking for Red deer and some landscape images within the area         

*1-2-2 holiday £ pp you can bring a partner NON photographer £ per partners 

price includes accommodation full cooked breakfast and evening meals. full camera and lighting tuition light snacks, hot drinks, and a day out looking for Red deer and some landscape images within the area         

2020 Pine Marten Holiday workshop 4 nights 

This workshop is designed to photograph the Pine martens at night as nocturnal hunters it has taken me years of work to get this right, Pine martens are seen in the daylight hours in summer June/July when they have kits to feed but come end of July or start of August they convert back to their nocturnal state and become hard to see so 8 years ago i put weeks and months of watching and learning to build this workshop and over the years i have seen plenty of martens come and go i log each animal and families, a couple now trust me and will sit and watch me put out food wait till i go indoors then they are in like a flash i have even had one feed out of my hand, these beautiful animals are without doubt my favourite of all the UK mammals,

You will have a chance during the day to head out and spot Red deer, White-tailed and Golden eagles, out back of the cottage you can sit and watch songbirds at the feeders which will mean the local Sparrowhawk may pop by we also see Merlin's out back and Ravens, or just relax with a nice hot drink or even take a walk over to the river where Otters have been seen,

We will head out looking for Red deer and do some landscape photography within the area or you may wish to explore the area yourself with Loch maree just down to road and Poolewe gardens about 25 miles from cottage just past the little village of Gairloch where small coffee shops sell locally made cakes,                

Holiday workshop with reflection pool, please note in the event of high winds or stormy weather we will not use the pool set up, instead we will use an alternative settings and set up for the Pine martens for that night.  

Pine marten workshop Sunday to Thursday  4 full nights 

Price includes heating, electric, food, workshop and camera tuition and more   

A non-refundable deposit of (if you cancel your workshop) will be required at point of booking full amount will be due 4  weeks before your workshop date,    

This workshop is based on 4 nights. breakfast evening meals, this can also suit a photographer looking to do a 1-2-1 with the Pine martens for extra set up image requirements 


All the photography equipment will be set up outside the cottage and only a few feet from the Pine marten very large viewing window, we will be indoors in the warm watching in comfort thought a large viewing window, makes no difference if it's raining as all equipment will be covered, shutter remotes will be used to fire of the cameras as we will be inside the cottage sitting in comfort having our evening meal and coffee during the day you are free to do what you wish you can chill out at the back and photograph birds at the feeders or head of out into the wild areas looking for Deer, Eagles and even an Otter or two i will give you the best locations within the area, this area is one of the best places to see Eagles and you may want to get some great sea or landscape images.       

Camera equipment  

Camera, lenses min 200mm / 70-200mm / 100-400mm 300mm zoom wide lens 24-70mm 85mm for one of the setups and a longer lens for Red deer stags if you have one, tripod, plenty of cards and batteries for your flash and camera, flash gun is a must, that can be used as TTL or manual are fine, if you wish you can use flash bracket or a second tripod with flash cable if you want to keep flash to the side of your camera, you don't need any fancy waterproofing for your equipment large freezer or sandwich bags are just as good, bean bag will help to weigh down your tripod in windy conditions if you have one but not essential a rock will do.

A shutter release NON cable shutter release radio or inferred is a must  

Accommodation / non smoking sorry  

Your accommodation is a very nice 3 bedroom cottage with two single beds in each room. Each guest will have there own room or sharing for couples  

there is a large kitchen where our cook will prepare our breakfast and evening meals, 2 shared bathrooms one with bath/shower. Main living room is where we will be sitting watching TV over a glass of wine tea or coffee waiting for the Pine martens to arrive, and a dining area for breakfast and evening meals.

We also use the dining area to look at images on our laptops, there is also a washing and drying area. Front parking area room for 3 cars, the cottage is located on its own within the beautiful location Beinn Eighe national nature reserve just outside Kinlochewe Wester Ross.

It is not uncommon to see Golden and White tailed eagles out back of the cottage and over the past 2 years Merlin can be seen sitting on the post / rocks.

We also have a female Sparrowhawk that likes to visit the bird feeders but she's not after the nuts or seeds in the feeders i'm afraid to say.

Wood mouse are very common and will be seen jumping up on Pine marten feeding area taking the nuts.


This area has a large herds of Red deer so on your full day with us we can head out and look for them or if its landscapes then you are in one of the best locations there is, many of landscape books feature images taken in this area and with the cottage located on the road to Torridon you don't have to go far .

What's included  

Over your 4 night stay:

At your accommodation

Breakfast this will be eat as much as you want from full cooked fried breakfast with cereals, fruit, toast, fruit juice tea or coffee,

Evening meals, roast chicken, pork, beef, pizza and chips,  pasta dish,  gammon, with pudding, vegetarian meals available, vegetarians welcome, snacks 

Full camera tuition on how to set up for your evening shots, camera settings and flash, Landscape settings if you are going out for the day,  

Now just sit back and relax watch the large lcd tv, have a cupper and wait for the Pine martens to come to the set up,  

A day out looking for Red deer and catch some landscape images.


What's not included 

Travel to and from cottage location,  beers wines and spirits,  extra travel if you wish to explore the beauty of this location by yourself. tripods, flash,  

What's available and to do

washing machine, tumble dryer, day time you are free to go walking or photograph the many 100s of deer within the area, Landscape photography plenty of locations with loch Maree and Torridon  on our doorstep with waterfalls and mountain ranges of Wester Ross with a few nice sandy beaches or rocky coast line.        

Items that you can borrow on your stay  


Tripods x 4

Tripod ball heads x 4   

Please note this is a non smoking accommodation this also includes E or vapers, smoking will not be permitted in or around the accommodation at any time,  and sorry no pets.





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