Raptors workshop 2020 Highlands of Scotland Aviemore 

2020  FULL

July 31st or 1st Aug 2020

Raptors masterclass workshop 

location Aviemore Scotland 

places  8

Available places 0     

Price £100

deposit £30 non-refundable 

Location 4  miles north of Aviemore Scotland, meeting place will be given at point of booking  

workshop will start around 12 noon and finishes at 16.00pm 

This workshop is held within a private pine and mixed woodland with easy parking on site, car sharing is advised from meeting point carpark to workshop location 3 miles. 

We have a selection of static and flying Raptors from Hawks Eagles and Owls but please note if the birds do not wish to fly we can force them to, the birds are set in areas within the woodlands perch on pine trees or on rocks, 

We may have 2 to 3 birds out at once perched around you, 

When we fly the birds IE the Bald  eagle then we will put away the static birds as this eagle likes to fly around from tree to tree freely (when she's in the mood) 

We may not have all the Raptors pictured and we may have Raptors not pictures as we use some Raptors that are part of a breeding programme, fingers crossed this year for a male Hobby. 

You will also get the chance of holding one of the Raptors on a glove after the workshop and i will use your camera if you want some images taken. 

Partners are welcome to come along for free but PLEASE no cameras,  photos can be taken on mobile phone   

We will be looking at camera settings and the right settings for birds in flight and right tracking modes, WB and right colour balance with exposure 

Light plays a big part in photography so we will be looking how light from different angles  can make and change your images,

these workshops are designed for the photographer to practise their skills in photography and learn how to use the right settings at the right time and by using captive birds gives you plenty of chances to get it right,



your choice  dslr, mirrorless even a fixed lens bridge camera  


70-200mm / 100-400mm or 300mm 200mm, best range is from 200mm to 400mm zoom 

tripod if you wish or monopod but 90% of the time you will be hand holding you camera 


light waterproofs 

umbrella if you wish 

midge spray or wipes 

something to lay on ground to seat on or lay on to get low images this can be a black bag 

ALL DEPOSITS are non-refundable and full payment must be made two weeks before workshop or full payment can be made at point of booking,

Bank to Bank transfer is free 

to book please Email me at deanbricknell@btinternet.com Tel: 07984073264     


Birds may change each day

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